40Luv owner Daisa Gouws

40Lluv started from the dire need of a mother with a competitive child who was  taking part in all sorts of sport activities. The mother constantly had to make plans to provide in these various clothing needs. Not being able to find comfortable and affordable clothes from retailers and wanting better quality clothing for her child she decided to use her skill and experience over many years to make her own active-wear clothing.

Daisa Gouws the founder of 40Luv says that a a child her mother taught me to do needlework and she used these skills learnt from  her mother to design and make clothes for her daughter. Using her artistic and creative skills she designed and made tennis outfits for her daughter to fit every occasion.

The reaction was unbelievable. Everybody started asking her daughter where she got the dresses from. Daisa decided to test the market  and made some sample dresses that she gave to relatives and friend to try. The response was unbelievable. Very soon teammates and classmates were asking for dresses to be designed and made for them at affordable prices - and 40Luv was born!. 

Daisa set up a small clothing factory at her house and  trained a group of seamstresses to help her. This first orders came from family and friends. While traveling to tournaments she loaded clothes into her car and started selling out of the boot with great success. Very soon a few schools and teams approached 40Luv to make team clothing for them.

Today 40Luv has a team of seamstresses that under the guidance of Daisa manufacture her designs out of the factory in Bloemfontein. National and provincial teams have ordered clothes from them and continue to do so.

In a highly competitive sport environment 40Luv have been able to give a customized individual look to sport team that make them stand out on the field of play. The clothes are stylish yet functional and very comfortable.

40Luv factory240Luv factory